Moroccan traditions

Cosmetic Argan Oil

Argan oil has a calming impact on sensitive skin and provides a deep moisturizing and lasting effect. With its huge content of unsaturated fatty acids and its high content of vitamin E, Argan oil has a cell renewal and nourishing effect.

Beauty secret

A Berber tradition

For over a thousand years, the Berber women protected their skin with this oil, so effective against the harmful effects of wind, sun, sand, or simply age. It is also perfect for treating acne problems or a rash.
Our cosmetic Argan oil is made from untreated almonds, first cold pressing, 100 % organic, perfume-free, bio-certificated.

Ingredients of Argan oil per 100 ml (The data is subjected to natural variations.)

Energy value13700 kJ / 900 kcal
Vitamin E44 mg
Mono-unsaturated fatty acids46 g
Poly-unsaturated fatty acids35 g
Saturated fatty acids19 g
Linoleic acid34 g
Oleic acid45 g
Protein0 g
Cholesterol0 g
Carbohydrate0 g

Moroccan Taste

Culinary Argan Oil

Care and Passion defines this family business which extracts a premium product to guarantee your satisfaction. The ancients bought their argan fruit only from suppliers that they personally knew, to be sure to receive the best results.
This relationship of trust continues today.


Our culinary Argan oil will persuade you with their exceptional taste and harmony. The single aim: the guarantee of an incredible gustatory pleasure.


Argan oil is ideal to accompany your salads, fish, poultry, fruit and vegetables Note: toasted argan oil tolerates high temperatures very poorly and loses all its benefits After cooking, add argan oil to your dishes of fish or meat to reveal its nutty taste. For an amazing harmony of tastes, mix the argan oil flavored food with chocolate or honey!

moroccan treasure

About us

EL AOURF sarl started out several years ago as a small business located in the source of Argan oil here in Agadir Morocco.

Our Mission
We made one huge promise to canstantly support and empower local hard-working women in the argan oil cooperatives and evolve according to the market needs.
Today, with almost two decades in the argan oil business, the company has become one of the leading and reliable players in the field. At the heart of the family company, a philosophy of supplying our customers with top quality product and service. While preserving our unwavering commitment to serve both : our valuable clients as well as the cooperatives.
In addition to the constant high quality we offer you, each and every product we ship, is fresh pressed upon order. This is what differentiates EL AOURF sarl and gives it its unquestionable credibility in the eyes of thousands of satisfied wholesale and retail clients worldwide, who use our product every day.
Our commitment to steadily evolve the service and our ethical approach makes us absolutely confident that this will also remain the case.


Our oils are systematically analyzed, from production to exportation. A copy of the physical and chemical analysis report, performed by an independent laboratory, will be provided for export control with each shipment.

Organic Commitment

All our products have received the certificate of Organic Agriculture "ECOCERT" and responding to that effect to international standards of the quality of an extra virgin oil.

Fair trade

By buying directly the fruits from local producers, our company guarantees to them a higher incomes than they could benefit from the sale of almonds in the local markets.


Our production begins with our purchasing the raw materials: The fruits start developing in May and become ripe in June and July. They then fall from the trees and, after drying in the sun, are gathered for our inventory. The first step in processing the Argan fruits is to open the shells (done in our workshops to ensure a hygienic product, free of contaminants).

Guaranteed maximum quality is ensured by a strict process control: 
After harvest, the fruits dry in the sun.
The fruits are peeled, leaving the Argan nuts. The husk is used as animal food.
To separate the almond kernels, the Argan nuts are crushed.
The Argan almonds are then cleaned, cold pressed and filtered.
After quality control inspections, the Argan oil is now ready for bottling.
We ensure the best possible quality - executed with a permanent quality check

Moroccan PASSION

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
  • How to order?

    simply submit your name, e-mail, the quantity ,the oil type (cosmetic or culinary) that you desire , and the final destination so we can give you a complete estimated cost of your order. The price of products may differs according to seasons.
  • Payment & Delivery ?

    payment is 100% when ordering, for shipping , the fare varies according to the delivery address..
  • Secure order & payment options ?

    All banking transactions are processed and secured through PAYPAL. Trading is done on the PAYPAL website; therefore, and for your own security, we have no access to your banking information .
  • Exchange & Refund ?

    we will exchange the product if it does not meet the quality standards , when you will give us the necessary information about the noticed problem ( through a laboratory analysis) . the product must be bought within the 21 days.
  • Are you certified Organic ?

    we respect all sanitary standards, safety and quality requirements, we are certified organic by ECOCERT , suitable for exportation by the FDA, EACCE , and ONSSA.
  • How is the product packaged?

    we make professional packaging designed for major retailers. packaging starts with the 5-liter, via that of 10,20 and 200 liters. the quality of the packaging (plastic, aluminum ...) varies according to costumer request
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